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SpringZephyr ([personal profile] springzephyr) wrote2014-03-26 10:07 pm

Balle du Soleil

It was bothering me that I didn't know how to spell the name of the main character's team from Future Card Buddyfight, but I was never really any good at French. Luckily, I know someone who is. And I really wanted to know how to spell it. I showed a video clip of Kuguru naming the team to a French friend who lives in France and speaks fluent French -- do you get my point yet? -- and she replied with:

 She has... a strong accent I think she’s saying “Balle du Soleil” but that’s…. ridiculous oO Sun’s ball.
The Sun Rockets would have been something like Les Fusées du Soleil or, depending on what she really meant, Les Fusées Solaires
But Balle du Soleil…
…….. it’s like the sun is sending you a tennis ball
because the word ball is mostly used for small balls
…. How did they even come up with that name omg

After hearing this, I'm confused too.

Also pre-ordering Drakengard 3 now that it's on Amazon and not just SE's site. I technically do not have the money for this but I want my mind fuck. My sense of time has been all over the place lately. I'm working on fixing that...